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Reactor and reaction engineering for electrochemical manufacturing and nanomaterial discovery

Group Activities!

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Boss is trapped!
The boss with a bucket!

Working hard or hardly working? We'll let you be the judge.


August 2023: Josie and Andressa building a new experimental setup!


July 2023: Valentina's goodbye lunch at Biaggi's! We will miss you, Valentina!


July 2023: Katherine's goodbye lunch at Bread Co! We will miss you, Katherine!


June 2023: Celebrating Andressa's birthday!


June 2023: The group off to lunch!


June 2023: The group during lab cleanout!


May 2023: Andressa and Boss attend ECS!


May 2023: welcoming our new group members with group lunch!



April 2023: Working hard in the lab!





March 2023: While the rest of the group is in Indianapolis, Boss, Andressa, Vijay, and Valentina eat food (and present talks) with the rest of the UIUC Cornucopia team at the DARPA meeting in San Diego!






March 2023: While the rest of the group is in San Diego, Rachel, Haowei, and Ben eat food (and present posters) at ACS Indianapolis!


March 2023: celebrating Jeff's birthday!


March 2023: showing prospective students one of our setups during recruiting weekend #2!



February 2023: Filling in for Prof. Kenis during recruiting weekend #1!


February 2023: Sarah's farewell dinner! Thank you for everything you did for the lab!



January 2023: Hosting Profs. Fujikawa and Yamauchi from Kyushu University!



December 2022: The aftermath of lab cleanout, and post-lab cleanout lunch at Kofusion!


December 2022: group holiday dinner at Seven Saints!



December 2022: Attending the reception celebrating Dr. Kenis' 11-year tenure as department head!


October 2022: Attending the annual ChBE Halloween Party!


September 2022: Welcoming our new labmate Andressa at a joint bonfire with the Rogers group!



April 2022: Celebrating Emiliana's successful thesis defense with a carbonate formation Defense Cake!



March 2022: Celebrating Saket's successful thesis defense with a CO2 electrolyzer Defense (brownie) Cake!

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